frizzi2Composer Fabio Frizzi is a master at writing atmospheric and affecting music for film, his scores have graced numerous genres of movies from the late 1960’s up until the present. His music becoming the mainstay of the Horror genre, and is responsible for adding the chills, the jolts and the jumps to many Italian horror films that have now become classics. Composers such as Christopher Young and more recently Joseph Bishara have named Frizzi as a composer that inspired and influenced them in the way they wrote music and, in the way, that they placed it within movies to create maximum effect. Frizzi worked on PUPPET MASTER THE LITTLEST REICH last year and his score is nothing short of genius, the composer fashioning a subtle and melodic work to accompany the horror that unfolds on screen. The music being at times delicate and even soothing only helps the moments of horror on screen be more well, horrible, simply because the score gives away no secrets or even hints that something untoward is going to occur. Because this is a horror movie many straight away assume that the music will be driving, chaotic and blasting in its persona, but Frizzi utilises this more relaxed and somewhat unsettling melodic style to create a foreboding and virulent atmosphere which is perfect for the movie and its many violent and unnerving scenarios. The composers at times light but apprehensive touch is probably more disconcerting than any amount of shrieking strings or blaring rasping brass. Because when the music is driven and loud one expects that violence or something scary will be occurring, but with Frizzi one just does not know. Used sparingly at times this is a score that works so well for the film, but also is a great and entertaining listen away from the picture.



Tracks such as CARNAGE HOTEL one would think are ripe and full of harsh stabs and jagged flourishes, but no, ok yes it is slightly more upbeat than a lot of the other cues, but it still remains melodic and interesting, Frizzi employing fuzzy electric guitar, that is supported by percussive elements and synths to create an unworldly and hauntingly mesmerising sound. Sinewy strings weave their way in and out of the proceedings also, giving the track more substance. The same can be said for track number, ten, NAZI PUPPRTS ACTION Frizzi combining a kind of feint martial style and adding strings, choral sounds, electric guitar and brass to give this a more forthright style. This is a score I know you will enjoy, there is so much more to it than just creepy horror sounds and music, recommended.