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The Red Tent we all probably know as the title of the 1970 movie which starred Sean Connery and Claudia Cardinale and was scored by the Italian Maestro Ennio Morricone. Recently however there has been a highly praised Lifetime TV mini series of the same title, the subject matter of which is completely removed from the aforementioned motion picture and its storyline. The series stars Minnie Driver and is directed by Roger young, the mini series runs for two episodes. The music for the film is by the highly talented and gifted composer Laurent Eyquem who was responsible for the scores to the motion pictures COPPERHEAD and also TOKAREV plus numerous other film scores that are not high profile but in my opinion should be because they are so well written and have to them a haunting and highly attractive persona and sound. The composers talent for creating romantic and dramatic musical soundtracks for both TV and Cinema is obvious and with each assignment his command of enhancing and supporting images seems to increase and become more accomplished, his scores becoming an integral and also an important component of each individual project. His score for THE RED TENT is a varied and alluring one, the composer utilising, strings and woodwind to great effect and adding to these elements female voice and ethnic instrument performances that infuse the right amount of authenticity into the proceedings, underlining each and every scenario that is being acted out on screen and creating the correct ambience, mood and atmosphere for the storyline. The central theme is a simple but an effective piece of writing, the composer employing sorrowful cello in the first instant of the opening bars on track one of the CD, the cello is soon joined and underlined by restrained strings, these however soon melt away and a piano solo is introduced that is enhanced and elevated slightly by understated cello and then further embellished by the string section. Piano becomes the principal instrumentation of the cue, with emotive and heartrending cello remaining its companion mirroring and augmenting the piano, the composer also recalls the delicate strings to the composition and adds a fleeting female vocal which is successful in evoking an almost ethereal atmosphere to the proceedings, it is a lilting and melancholy sound which is created by the combined instrumentation but at the same time has a power to it, that culminates in bringing forth a beautifully restrained and elusively fragile theme that becomes affecting and moving as it develops. The theme can be heard throughout the score, and appears and manifests itself in various arrangements being performed by strings, piano and other instruments.

I have to say I am a fan of this composers music and his style, his works ooze romanticism and also have the ability to enhance dramatic and action situations, on listening to each new score or indeed some of his earlier works I hear a freshness and a zestful and vibrant style that I know will be attractive to other collectors. THE RED TENT is an epic score that has many attributes, filled to brimming with rich thematic material and elegant and lavish tone poems. Highly recommended.