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Cosmoball, is a Russian sci-fi movie which was released in 2020. also known as Goalkeeper of the Galaxy this 3D Superhero sci fi yarn film is helmed by filmmaker Dzhanik Fayziev who also wrote the story and screenplay, based on the animated series Galaktic Football,  the movies storyline is set in the future in a post apocalyptic city on a world inhabited by survivors of an intergalactic war  that has shifted the planet’s poles. Above the city sits a gigantic alien space craft, but it is more than a spaceship, it is an enormous stadium, where the fast and frantic game known as Cosmoball is played. The planet below having its eventual fate in the hands of the Cosmoball players who are defending the Earth. The fate of the planet depends on the result of the match between earthlings and aliens.

An interesting if not fantastical scenario, but one that is preferable to the alternative of conflict. The musical score is the work of Italian born composer Tony Neiman who is now based in the United States, the score is now streaming on digital platforms such as Spotify and is one that will I know be of interest to many.

This is as one might think because of the film’s storyline action filled and theme led material, which it certainly is, the composer has created a score that is overflowing with wonderful thematic passages and these are not just of the action slanted variety, as there are also a number of really nice compositions within the score that display the composer’s obvious gift for melody and producing rich and emotive pieces. It is a score that I think will be returned to many times after the initial listen, and also a soundtrack that could become on many collectors list of favourites,

I was on a number of occasions reminded of the style of composers such as James Horner, Lee Holdridge, and Craig Safan whilst listening to the release, think maybe The Last Starfighter, and even to a certain extent Battle Beyond the Stars ,and even Splash in certain areas of the score. Even the action material which is at times fast paced remains melodic and that is I think the appeal of this soundtrack, well worth checking out and hopefully a CD release soon.