Composer Steve Jablonsky has been involved on all of the TRANSFORMER movies, the latest installment being TRANFORMERS 4-AGE OF EXTINCTION and as this was released the fifth installment was announced, with Jablonsky at the musical helm of the production. The music that the composer has written for the series is obviously dramatic and action led, his scores for the series enhance, support and even manage to elevate the action taking place on screen to greater heights. The score for the latest installment is no exception to the rule that the composer has applied on its predecessors, high octane and powerful with a driving and fearsome fervency that catapults the audience to the very edge of their seats and also creates tension and anxiety as it enhances the knock em down and drag em out story lines. Saying this however, the composer also infuses a great deal of emotion into the scores and gives the mechanical giants on screen a heart and soul his music acting as a connection between the watching audience and the mechanical stars of the production. Jablonsky’s highly percussive and driving score for TRANSFORMERS 4-AGE OF EXTINCTION, is in my opinion one of the best scores for the so far quartet of movies and contains some real heart stopping and commanding musical moments, the composer integrates both symphonic and synthetic elements into his work and maintains a strident and unrelenting pace throughout the score, percussive components acting as a thundering but rhythmic background to brass stabs that are rasping and aggressive, strings that are cutting and imposing and to this he adds electric rock guitar rifts which further enhance and embellish the proceedings, his score simply builds tension upon tension until it reaches an crescendo or climax and then all of the musical elements seem to explode into a cacophony that is exciting and expressive. The composer also makes effective use of solo voice both female and male which again brings another level to the score. This is in no way a typical actioner soundtrack as it also has to it an upbeat and memorable resonance, with infectious bass lines, cadenced passages being relayed via the up tempo and feverish percussive beats. If you are looking for subdued and delicate this is the wrong score for you, however if you are looking for an onslaught of pure musical thrills.BUY now.