Released in 1976, UNE FEMME FIDELE is a movie directed by French film maker Roger Vadim, set in the 1830.s this period drama/thriller is set against a background of deceit and romance, Charles is a wealthy French venture capitalist, who is an aristocratic assassin he promotes duels for his own gain and also for political, monetary and sexual gratuities. However, when he meets Madame Mathilde LeRoi, who is a beautiful and also a virtuous woman he thinks he will seduce her but soon becomes totally obsessed with her and falls in love. Seeing that his love for this woman is affecting his way of life a business partner decides that he will break the couple up and sends the woman a letter which he signs fraudulently as Charles, but this starts a downward spiral of events that head towards a tragic conclusion. This is probably not one of the directors best efforts, but the saving grace is the tantalising and beautiful musical score which is composed by Mort Shurman and Pierre Porte, it is a highly romantic soundtrack that utilises harpsichord and soaring strings which are lush and filled with emotion, the composers embellish this wistful and lavish sound with brass and woodwinds and add solo guitar and harp to the ingratiate the more intimate scenes and scenarios within the movie, the style employed is not unlike Michel Magne or Francis Lai, there is a charming and mesmerizing music box cue which totally fixates the listeners attention, its haunting melody becoming alluring and captivating. There is also a very classical sound present throughout with surging strings performing the core theme supported by piano and brass and creating an almost concerto type style and sound. It certainly evokes the style that Magne employed in his score for ANGELIQUE and has some of the atmosphere and character of the early works of Francis Lai, it is literally overflowing with melodious tone poems. The solo piano performances are just perfection and affecting and poignant. I would recommend that you check this one out, and quickly before it disappears.