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Yeti – Il Gigante Del 20. Secolo



This movie was released back in 1977, but at the time of its releases there was no soundtrack album available, in fact the only music issued at that time was a single performed by a group of session musicians who for the purpose of the recording were dubbed THE YEATIANS. The original score by veteran Italian composer Sante Maria Romitelli, has up until now lain in the vaults of BEAT records, and has been issued onto CD as part of the company’s 40th anniversary celebrations. The soundtrack opens with a cue entitled THE GIANT in which Romitelli very cleverly parodies and utilises phrases from FUGUE IN A MINOR, and combines these with his own musical style to create an impressive and imposing opening for the movie and also the compact disc. The score is a very interesting one, because it includes a number of different musical styles and colours. The first three cues for example are solely orchestral, the opening I have already discussed but the second cue is a lighter and more romantic lush sounding composition, IDYLIC LARGO and was used to underscore the scenes that involved the YETI and the leading lady. The film is a sort of lower budget take on the story of KING KONG, but this time the giant ape being substituted by a giant YETI. Track three MAGIC EPILOGUE is again a dramatic cue, but less grandiose as the opening track, and also contains a more melancholy sound to it mid way through its running time, basically it is a combination of the openings big sound and also the lushness of track number 2. Track 4 is completely different from any of the first 3 tracks, it has a funky upbeat sound to it, that one would normally expect to hear in a score by the De Angelis Brothers, the lyrics go something like this, THE YETIS BIG, THE YETIS TOUGH, BODY SO COOL, HE IS SO BIG THE MAN OF SNOW, BUT HE WONT HARM YOU THE YETI, etc etc etc, and is the first track on the compact disc to be performed by THE YETIANS, ok its not the best thing to come out of Italy during the 1970s but it’s a fun filled composition.
The second track by THE YETIANS is cue number 6, and again its an upbeat funky sounding track, after which we revert back to orchestral sounding cues, which in the main are melodic and romantically slanted compositions complete with a soaring wordless female solo voice which is obviously Edda, although for some reason she receives no credit for her work. Considering the quality of the movie, I think personally Romitelli, created a serviceable and highly original score, and one that will entertain soundtrack collectors for many years to come. The compact disc is packaged imaginatively and contains many stills and photographs and has some interesting notes on the film and the music. Definitely one to add to the collection.