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Screamworks Records is a part of the successful Movie Score Media company and has released a number of wonderful horror scores under the banner in the past few years. Their latest offering is YOU MIGHT BE THE KILLER, with an exciting and robust sounding orchestral score by composer Andrew Morgan Smith who found favour with collectors previously when he wrote the music for JEEPERS CREEPERS 3. YOU MIGHT BE THE KILLER is a send up of all of those slasher movies that we dont like to admit we like that were prevalent during the late 1980’s through to the present. Sam played by Fran Kranz is a camp counsellor who starts to experience blackouts and when he awakens is i surrounded by murder victims. With the assistance of his friend Chuck played by Alyson Hannigan they start to work out that Sam could be the killer. The movie is a homage and also a spoof on so many horror movies and works well on both comedic and horror levels. The music too is a homage to the rich and powerful genre of horror film music music with definite nods to composers such as Jerry Goldsmith and Christopher Young. With shrieking strings and icy sounding stabs that are jagged and ferocious being the order of the day jumping out at the listener throughout the score. If you are a fan of music from horror movies you will get this and love it. For me it evoked not only the aforementioned Goldsmith and Young but also had affiliations to the sound and style of composers such as Marco Beltrami, Danile Licht and at times Richard Band and Pino Donaggio. The composer creates a not only entertaining work but one that has to it an urgency and at times displays a melodic and romantic sounding persona, in fact the balance between light and dark sombre and melancholy are perfect. This is in the main a relentless and driving work, with the strings, percussion and brass working overtime to fashion a commanding and chaotic sounding score but chaos that is organised if that is at all possible. The little pizzicato nuances and underlying tense sinewy strings also add character and atmosphere to the work. This is a score that is fast, apprehensive, driving and so much fun and one  that I recommend you add to your collection, available as a digital download already and soon to be released on CD by Quartet records, worth a listen.