Zodi is a a 12-year-old nomad, who discovers an orphan baby dromedary (Camel) in the desert. He takes in animal, feeds him, baptizes him Tehu and becomes his best friend. Zodi learns from a veterinarian, Julia, that Tehu is an exceptional runner and that he can bring in a lot of money for his tribe. But the qualities of his young dromedary arouse the greed of Tarek the poacher of the region.

To prevent Tehu from being sold, Zodi then decides to flee and cross the Sahara. It is during this trip that Zodi will face Tarek, survive a sandstorm, and cross the sea of ​​salt with the ultimate goal of entering Tehu in the biggest camel race in the world in Abu Dhabi. With Julia’s help, Zodi  struggles to realize his dream, make Tehu a champion and save his tribe. But I am guessing things do work out in the end in this family adventure that Disney would probably be proud to have been involved with.


The musical score for this adventure is outstanding, thematic, gloriously melodious and filled to the hilt with emotive and poignant compositions. The music is the work of Mika, Yes Mika the vocalist and international singing sensation that has had numerous hits around the globe. The music for the movie is I have to admit something of a change for the artiste, but it is a wonderful soundtrack, a touching example of how music can bring to the surface so many emotions and feelings and enhance and underline the storyline of a movie.

It’s a symphonic work, with vocals and chorale performances. The soundtrack includes various styles,.

Arabic sounding pieces are worked into the more western sounding compositions, the composer fusing them together to fashion at times mischievous and comedic moods and also at other times creating beautiful romantically laced passages alongside dramatic and driving interludes. It is a dramatic and thematic work, a varied score that is entertaining and uplifting. I for one look forward to more from Mika as a film music composer. Available now on digital platforms….yes its recommended.