It’s not often that MMI includes news or reviews of non-film score recordings, but recently I discovered by accident an album on Spotify, entitled Melting, music is by composer Nico Cartosio.

And it is glorious, released back in 2019 I am I know a little late to the party, but felt I had to mention it to MMI readers. In my opinion for what its worth is that Melting is a film score that is looking for a film. Filled with wonderfully attractive themes and affecting and beautiful musical interludes and passages, this is such an enriching and entertaining collection of tantalizing and emotive compositions that encompass the dramatic, the romantic, the melancholy and the thrilling.

There is such diversity so much variation and just a wealth of poignant and melodious content here that its hard to believe it is all the work of one composer and is all included on one album. The recording is just under forty minutes in duration, but it is one that has so many airs and styles to it that it is quite easy to become lost in a sea of music that oozes pure emotion.

The composer treating listeners to sweeping passages that contain romantic and windswept sections that are complimented by an equal amount of heartrending and fragile sounding pieces. But the drama is to there with cues such as The Cocaine March, which could easily be a secondary theme for a dark lord in a galaxy a few miles away. Brass, percussion and urgent strings combine to create a piece that is action and foreboding personified, which only briefly relents to bring to fruition a luxurious theme that evokes the golden age of cinema scores as in Max Steiner or Erich Korngold.

I will not examine and describe each cue, but there is Snow Above the Earth which has to it a certain Eastern European flavour, with solo violin performing a heart-breaking melody accompanied by the string section that is underlining and supporting initially with an even more lush and affecting melody, that finally is taken up by them in a tumultuous rendition of the compositions central melody making it their own.

Each track is a gem, every note is placed with utmost care into place and performed flawlessly, by orchestra and soloists, this is an album you should listen to, you will be poorer for not experiencing its many delights. Highly Recommended.  

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