The Conversation, is a 2022 movie Based on factual events of a meeting that took place in the June of 1945. This was between two powerful and important men with very different philosophies and perspectives on the future of their country. Set in dangerous times as the Balkans war had just been won the Nazis had been defeated, and the merciless Red Army drawing ever closer. A conversation that will shape the world takes place. The Croatian production is directed by Dominik Sedlar who was also responsible for writing duties on the film. It stars Casper Phillipson, Doris Pincic, and Dylan Turner. The movie is a powerful one and the crew and cast should be congratulated for delivering such an impacting film that is based on a solitary conversation.

The musical score is by Croatian composer Dalibor Grubačević (The Match, Ghost in the Swamp Bridge at the end of the World) his music is a triumph of thematic scoring, the composer creating wonderfully emotive and tense pieces that interweave with the action on screen and underline and punctuate the proceedings throughout. It is a symphonic work which is always good to hear in these days of ever-increasing synthesized soundtracks.

There is an emotive, sensitive, and affecting aura that surrounds this score, and it is one that I am certain will become a firm favourite with many film music collectors around the world. The soundtrack will be released digitally by Plaza Mayor on September 16th. A  CD release will be on the horizon soon also from Plaza Mayor.

This is a work of great worth, brimming with a tense but at the same time melancholy atmosphere.

There is a dark and brooding persona to the music in places, that purveys a sense of uncertainty and foreboding, but at the same time there is an underlying sound that is hopeful and conveys a more romantic and warm sound. The composer utilises piano and strings to great effect, fashioning heartfelt and tender interludes. At certain points within the score, I was reminded of Ennio Morricone, the composers use of strings particularly evoking the Italian Maestros style.

The score for The Conversation has a richness and a lush content, awash with colours and textures which the composer applies to the movie like paint being applied to a blank canvas, however the work also has its more shadowy and somewhat fearsome moments, that enhance the storyline. This is highly recommended.

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