Considering that the soundtrack album for BLACKkKLANSMAN only runs for just under forty minutes, its quite astounding the impression it makes on listeners. Terence Blanchard is in my opinion one of the great unsung heroes of Hollywood movie scores, his numerous soundtracks are at times overlooked and this is a crime against the art of film music, his music is varied and vibrant strong and melodic, haunting, and at times jazzy and somewhat sleazy with melancholy undercurrents. BLACKkKLANSMAN score contains all of the aforementioned attributes and more. In fact I was a little slow on the up-take for the score and although I had it it always seemed to get put to the back of the pile, which is something I do regret now, why? Well because it is such a wonderfully constructed and performed score, its not only great supporting the movie but it is also fantastic as a stand alone selection of music which one can easily put on and loose yourself in. Its an interesting score with Blanchard opening up proceedings with a track entitled GONE WITH THE WIND which parodies music that was for years utilised in films such as GONE WITH THE WIND and any other such film that had Gentlemen of the South in it, we and I mean all of us know exactly what the movie GONE WITH THE WIND was saying and what it was about, but I suppose because during those days and up to recently it was ok to eulogize the Southern States and turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the blatant racism that was rife and lets be honest still is. BLACKkKLANSMAN is actually based on true events, which makes one wonder what the ? A black police officer infiltrates the KKK is this for real, well yes it is. Any how Spike Lee handles the directorial duties wonderfully as he always does, and if anyone thinks that Mr Lee is done and dusted then have another think. So the music well Blanchard has fashioned a score that is filled with dramatic and tense sections but also boasts a number of moments that are not only tuneful but entertaining. The composers jazz slanted work for me always evokes memories of great film scores such as IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT, THEY CALL ME MR TIBBS, etc. But there is so much more to this score than pleasant melodies and jazz orientated flourishes, there is real drama here with strings, brass and timpani being called upon from time to time, plus there is fragility and a delicate sounding musical persona present at times, which envelopes and delights the listener, one particular trio of cues entitled TALE OF TWO POWERS 1, 2 and 3 are interestingly low key and certainly apprehensive and successfully build an air and atmosphere that is thick with uncertainty and unease. Then we have tracks such as WHITE POWER THEME which is overflowing with over the top brass and percussion, plus the BLOOD AND SOIL theme which combines both drama and a laid back almost funky style but one that is subdued and melodious, with strings and horns supporting the guitar as it lays out the eight note motif, backed by percussion. This is a score I would recommend, it is just a great listen.

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