Deliciously dark, and vibrantly alluring, that is how I would describe the score for the movie READY OR NOT by composer Brian Tyler. We are all aware that Tyler is a driving force in film music from Hollywood, and many say he has taken up where Jerry Goldsmith left things after his passing. But there is a lot more to Tyler than just creating action cues for superheroes, war movies and horror pics. This is a composer who is perfectly capable of fashioning beautiful and mesmerizing musical poems for film, and it is a testimony to this composer’s talent and versatility that we hear so much fresh and alluring richly thematic material within his film scores and TV soundtracks. My first encounter with Brian Tyler’s ample creative talent came when I added DARKNESS FALLS to my collection, it was not long until I also added TIMELINE and items such as CHILDREN OF DUNE and FRAILTY. It seems an age away that I first encountered his musical prowess and looking back now and seeing just how many films he has scored and enhanced with his powerful sound I can see I was right. His latest project RAMBO LAST BLOOD is still ringing in my ears as I listen to another tour de force of wonderfully thematic material which is taken from his soundtrack to the horror, comedy READY OR NOT. Tyler once again bringing depth and atmosphere to an already tense and somewhat harrowing film, the music that he has written to underline and support this motion picture although largely atonal or action led still manages to remain entertaining in a thematic fashion, as in yes it is racing and percussive but all the time as it rushes ahead full steam we still are conscious that Tyler is introducing a theme or a hint of a theme at least. The tense score is filled with jumps and musical stabs, swirling and menacing strings, darkly percussive moments and rasping brass flourishes that seem to slide in and out of the proceedings adding their own ominous brand of dread and fear as they do. There is also a driving or up-tempo beat to the work which underlines the strings and brass as it launches itself at the listener in a relentless and merciless onslaught of sounds. I like this score a lot, it never rests and gives the listener so much as in action and also a few lighter moments of respite, Driving, and forthright this is a release that is Recommended.

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