The composing powerhouse collaboration that is Gus Reyes and Andres Sanchez is once again with us.  One of their more recent projects, FALCO the TV series season one is I have to say another excellent work with these two versatile and talented composers not failing to excite, entertain and wow, with their inventive and innovative style of scoring. FALCO is an up beat and commanding score that is filled with haunting musical hooks and pulsating beats, it is a work that is very much contemporary in its style, the composers utilising synthetic sounds alongside a more conventional style, but it is on this occasion the electronic side of things that dominates and is effective. The composers establish a core sound early on in the work, and from this they build their atmospheric and darkly enticing yet up tempo score, in many ways I was reminded of the work of Giorgio Moroder mainly in MIDNIGHT EXPRESS, it has that aura and persona to it, the tense and nervy sounds create layers of tension which build and multiply to fashion a stressful atmosphere. This mood is present throughout most of the score, with the occasional respite, that at times lulls the listener into a false sense of security. I found myself totally immersed by the dark and tense style that is employed within the soundtrack, and at times although not thematic it still held my attention and was in a strange way mesmerising. This is a brooding and understated work at times but every now and then we are treated to a hint of a theme that does on occasion burst forth as in the track BASEBALL. I also think and this is a personal thing, that there are within the score a few references to the music of the Euro western, just little nuances, fleeting sounds and even a strumming of guitar placed at a strategic point in the proceedings, kind of evokes the sound we associate with the likes of Morricone, Nicolai and Ferrio. Overall this is a score that I am confident you will savour and enjoy, so add it to your collection.

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